What are Boardstix®?

Intense, penetrating color that can be blended, diluted, and erased with water at any time until the final finishing seal is applied.

Boardstix® allow you to just "B" you and paint what you ride yourself.
Boardstix® are paint pens that let you test the limits of what is possible.

The Story of Boardstix®

Created and made here in the United States; when Boardstix® started, it was developed as the perfect pen for surfboard art. It has since been used effectively as a paint pen for making artwork on all kinds of surfaces including wood, metals, acrylics, painted surfaces, rough surfaces, smooth surfaces, you name it.

After years of experimentation and deliberation with many art tools, the creators of Boardstix® set out to fill the gap left by everything else available on the market. These paint pens are capable of attaining the desired chroma and color intensity your imagination calls for. This effect is extremely rare for a water-based marker. Because it is water-based, the artist can conveniently and easily fix mistakes, blend, and dilute by selectively applying water to the surface with their favorite brush, sponge, or cloth. Marks are then permanently sealed to the board by use of a Clear Acrylic Enamel Spray.

The main aim of Boardstix® was to attain optimal vividness to its colors. To translate this best to your marking surface, the materials, structure of the pen, flow rate and velocity of the nib, and the precision valve action mechanism for saturating the nib, all were specially designed and formulated to give the mark-maker the most control and variety to how this marker can be used. General art pens just can't do what Boardstix® can!

Boardstix® are environmentally friendly.
Boardstix® are made of recyclable materials (American Domestic Standard) and safe-to-use, environmentally-friendly, water-based paint.

Boardstix® are high-quality artists' tools.

So many who paint on hard-surfaced items like surfboards, skateboards, snowboards, guitars, skis, bikes, walls, telephones, hockey sticks, baseball bats, desks, chairs, signposts, light fixtures, whatever! have discovered Boardstix® and have never turned back. They swear by these markers and what they are capable of. From their beginning, Boardstix® have been recognized as the ultimate quality pen by the action sport and lifestyle community.