Q. How is Boardstix® different from a normal pen?
A. Boardstix® is known for its superior color intensity, variety, and versatility as an art tool. Boardstix® pens have significantly higher paint content than other leading brands. Having such a high quality and capability in a water-based paint marker was little to unheard of in the art product world before Boardstix®.  Because the paint is water-based, marks can be blended, diluted, and erased at any time before the final finishing process. The markers' construction is superior due to the materials used and the valve-controlled system of saturating the nib. So many artists and people interested in customizing their hard-surfaced gear have sworn by the versatility and capability of Boardstix® and have never turned back.

Q. Can I fix it if I make a mistake?
Applying a cloth, sponge, or brush impregnated with water will enable you to blend, dilute, or erase marks that have been made. Marks can be cleanly made on-top of previous marks that have sufficiently diluted and given some time to dry.

Q. Do I need to prepare the surfboard for drawing?
For a surfboard, we recommend cleaning thoroughly and and sanding your surface with a 200-400 grit sandpaper.

Q. Why should I sand with sandpaper?
If you draw in a slippery or otherwise adulterated surface, it becomes easy to peel off after drying. Drawing on the rough surface will make the ink penetrate the surface and become hard to peel off.

Q. How will my marks be permanent?
We recommend, and supply at many locations where Boardstix® is sold, a Clear Matte or Clear Gloss Acrylic Enamel Spray to finish and seal your work so that your surface becomes slick and durable after painting.

Q. After drawing on the surfboard,  can I dry it with a hair dryer, etc?
The Boardstix® Paint generally has no problem with exposure to heat but surfboards are not usually resistant to much high heat. In the interest of not hurting your board, patience and time between drying will be enough to properly finish your board. If you really need to hurry, use the lowest heat setting necessary.

Q. Have Boardstix® paintings been known to fall off or be damaged?
If you use the clear coat, your markings will not fall off from normal use. However, nothing is truly permanent and if you strike or scrape your board hard enough, your marks and surface can be damaged.

Q. Can exposure to the sun alter the color of Boardstix® paintings?
Boardstix® inks are light-fast and will not deteriorate from exposure to the sun. However, as with most inks, it is possible for marks to deteriorate over the span of years if un-maintained.

Q. I am interested in making fine details. Can I do this with Boardstix®?
In addition to the various valve-controlled paint-fed tips of the markers themselves, people have been known to use cotton buds, brushes, and fine quill nibs to apply the ink.  With a well prepared surface, the possibilities for detail are endless.